Chocolate cup cake

And this came about, because of an egg. It was an unsuccessful attempt at separating the yolk and the white – resulting in me making half a recipe of chocolate cupcake from

Easy and fuss free recipe. Having snowskin durian mooncake in the fridge and a whole freshly baked chiffon cake, chocolate cupcakes would be too much on the table. I split the cupcakes into two boxes for freezing and tasted one that was freshly baked. It was soft, moist and chocolatey.. Addictive! I would have it as breakfast food or a anytime bite.


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Green tea chiffon cake

So my hands and mind were daunted by the task of making more snowskin moon cakes and have decided to take a break from it. Will attempt that tomorrow I guess. Was tempted by the recipe from jaime teo’s blog of Ceylon lychee cake, which then somehow ended as a green tea variation because I realise the x factor of lychee is actually a flavour from the tea bag, which is lacking in my ceylon tea bag.

Verdict: nothing awesome. I think green tea kasutera wins hands down. Maybe I should try it with other variants of tea next time. Some pictures, including the stiff peaks (for anyone who was like me- didn’t know how it looks like), of the baking.

I must add, I made chocolate cupcakes because of one egg that i didn’t manage to separate in the process of baking this! Totally forgot about the frozen tartshells I made before.. Could have cleared the freezer by making egg tarts!

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Snow skin durian moon cake

Mid autumn’s festival is round the corner and I haven’t had enough of mooncakes, particularly snowskin ones. Having a chance to explore phoon huat’s store at aljunied after bringing aunt for cataract surgery, I found a packet of mooncake pre-mix! Was looking for fried glutinous rice flour initially to follow aunty yochana’s recipe but found this treasure in the end. It was the last packet on the shelf.

So I went back and made the durian filling first. 4 boxes of durian and one 500g mix gave me about 20 small mooncakes and 6 big ones. I thought of making many small ones because I like to pop them into my mouth.

It was tedious making them! Now I know why 8 small ones are priced closely to the 4 big ones. The effort takes lotsa more time and effort than the big ones since small ones run a greater risk of having a high skin-to-filling ratio. Tried making thinner ones with muchhhh effort and after some 2 hrs, I stop trying to make them too thin. Lazy! But it takes alot effort to keep it whole and get it nicely moulded with a thin skin while the snowskin is not frozen. >.< Right, not an excuse I know. Will try aunty yochana's snowskin recipe this week. Hopefully easier to handle!

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This is one of binbin’s limited preferences for pastries. The recipe doesn’t make it look difficult, which it isn’t really that hard, but just tedious. I made the choux pastry and chocolate topping using this recipe and the filling – vanilla custard, from the following site

Here’s how the custard looked like.

And the products.

The whole day’s worth of work did not complete in perfection. The chocolate icing recipe asked for powdered sugar but I didn’t have that and went to grind my granulated sugar into powder. Still, it wasn’t fine enough and the sugar didn’t dissolve! Check out the grainy texture of the icing. In the end, I melted some chocolate with butter and dripped them onto the eclairs after scraping away the top of the chocolate icing. Whew. But a lot of chocolate was still wasted preparing the icing. =/ Oh well, we all learn! Yummy nonetheless.

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Such a cute name. I couldn’t resist trying the recipe out just to see how cute / nice tasting this cookie can be (assuming all turns out well).

I thought all went well except perhaps when it comes to the coating of the cinnamon and sugar, mine seemed a little too dense as compared to all the other pictures I saw. Well, the cookie was fine but a little heavy for my taste buds. Lotsa great butter smell in the air and my dad could tell immediately from a whiff.

Next time, when I’m in a mood for cinammon!

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Coffee swiss roll

More packets of Nescafe instant coffee to use up and also with some left over whipping cream.. the coffee swiss roll was born.

Leeched the recipe off an instant coffee website which works just fine.

It was also the first time I used my non-stick parchment paper (reusable) that I bought from England (only to learn from Mel after that they have it in SG too!). O well, I have 3 permanently lined tins now and I’m not complaining! =D Though it took away my swiss roll’s skin. =/

Taste was so so, nothing heavenly. Will make again to finish up the packets of coffee and for my bestest who’s an coffee addict hehe.

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Durian sponge cake

Have been away for most of June and have not been able to bake. I missed baking! Especially so when I’m surrounded by so much confectionery around me. Nick, my travelmate, kept ordering coffee walnut cake which makes me want to make an attempt. Anyhows, back in hot hot Singapore, it is the durian season. CHEAP DURIANS EVERYWHERE. What better time to experiment durian recipes.

Daddy loves durian and his birthday was right when I came back and so, I made one for him!

I made a 3 layered sponge cake unlike the original recipe with 5.

And this was how the insides looked like.

It was really good. Although I had some mishaps, whipping whipping cream for the first time then letting it sit which ended with crumbly stuff and over-whipping it such that butter was formed. Gosh! I wished I had those bottled whipped cream! But anyhow, I only had to buy more whipping cream to correct those stuff. Whew!

Was advised to get those yellowish sweet durians with more pulp than the whitish bitter ones. Together with whipped cream, the texture was omph! The sponge cake from the recipe was also heavenly. So so light, and together with the chilled durian cream, it was a blast in the mouth.

My brother who rarely appreciate my baking actually admitted to liking it! Only thing was it could have been more chilled. Which it definitely was the next morning. Ade thought it was the best cake I’ve ever made – I guess not much to compare but I’m happy!

Maybe I’ll make one for binbin (hope he doesn’t sees this) for his birthday too. He likes durian! But his picky mouth does not take in anything but the best. Some difficult!

Good recipe there. Love it.

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