Almond cookie

Chinese new year is round the corner and I’ve decided to try making some cookies. Almond is my favourite! Recipe is from with the modifications made as shared by Jacq (guest to the website) on February 07, 2007 at 06:54 AM. I used all butter as what Michael did. The cookie was really fragrant and crumbly.The recipe was easy to follow too.

Mini dough balls inflated and the last picture shows the average size of my cookies (to gauge relative to the whole almond). The recipe actually yielded 70+ cookies for me. O’well, I’m not complaining!

Update Feb 11 2010:

So I tried making another round of cookies, only this time, i used almond flour and not ground it myself. Also, I creamed my butter using Kitchenaid instead of doing it by hand, which means a softer smoother cream. The end result was not as crumbly, I think due to the almond flour. There were fewer cookies yielded, probably a mix of the better creamed butter and also the replacement of grounded almond with almond flour. It’s nice nonetheless, but you can’t get enough of the best.


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