Forgotten Cookies

Sweet with bitter chocolate and crunchy almonds.. ooomph. I picked the easiest recipe I’ve found, and it really wasn’t hard.

I have to highlight that I did not beat to stiff peaks. It was somewhere between soft and stiff. But the cookie did hold its shape through the night. Also, I attempted to colour my food with Beetroot juice. I probably added more than 12 drops and no, there is no change in shade. My current batch of forgotten cookies in the oven now turned pick with 2 drops of red colouring. So much for trying to minimize processed stuff in my food.

Only bit that could have helped was recommending a smaller cookie to be prepared. My cookies were more than 3 cm in diameter and the bottom didn’t dry out. A second preheating of the oven and popping the cookies back in helped to develop their base. A few of the tops cracked a little but that was no biggie. It wasn’t brown like what I saw from the recipe but still crispy. Am trying another batch of forgotten cookies, in pink, and smaller size. Hope this one turns out perfect. I’ll know at 12 midnight. Range time.

Update on pink cookies: Added two drops of red coloring for a pink tone. The base still did not dry up.  Another wave of heat in the oven once again.


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