Valentines’ macarons

My first attempt in making something pink, turned out brown. Used 12 drops of beetroot juice to colour the macarons instead of food colouring – failed.

The colouring test using beetroot juice also failed in the attempt to make pink forgotten cookies (refer to the post before). I guess I will stick to red colouring to make pink macarons.

Update 17 Feb 2010: I’ve made another batch of pink macarons which did stayed pink for the first half of baking before I turned the sheet upside down. By the tenth minute when I took it out of the oven @ 190 Celsius, they were all brown. Some were hollow on the underside. Apparently this is a sign of undercooked macaron while the brown skin was the oven being too hot.

Well, at least they all had a good shape.The beating of egg whites was done at medium speed for a longer time to ensure the stiff peaks wouldn’t collapse too fast. I did find my batter having a good consistency that dries up easily today, very much unlike the watery ones before. I dried the batter longer than recommended, for 30 mins compared to 10 mins said in recipe. They looked real stiff when I sent it into the oven.

So I finally found a recipe

which I managed to get smooth tops n feet for all but hollow bottoms n browner tops. Shall try baking at 170• tomorrow with no turning of the paper. And modify from there. To each her own oven. >.<

Fillings arranged in order of preference: chocolate ganache, strawberry jam, peanut butter


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