Pink Macarons – French vs Italian Meringue

So I tried it again. Twice over two days. The picture above is using the French Meringue. Which gave me edible results but in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Shaved all the edges because the air came out sideways. =(

And picture below showed of the attempt for Italian Meringue.

Much nicer looking but this is only for the very first batch that went into oven before I put all of the batter into a bag for piping. The rest turned out in all shapes and sizes too. Goodness. Tell me what to do.

I had enough courage to try the Italian Meringue because I was so inspired to make a macaron tower. But I really got to make a substantial number of nice looking macarons before I could make a tower right? Sigh. I will try again. After some encouraging baking. =D


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