Orange chiffon cake

My first attempt at chiffon cake. I presume it’s not the same as angel cake as this uses both egg white and egg yolk whilst the angel cake seemingly did without the yolks. Well, my failure at the coffee angel cake before did not help with my understanding of the cake texture anyhow =/.

So the recipe obtained from Joyofbaking.

I used part mandarin oranges (leftovers from chinese new year – no it’s not mouldy because this was baked in March and I’m only blogging in April). My mum had advised me on using sunkist oranges as they will give a more citrus taste as compared to mandarin oranges which are generally much sweeter with little citrus “bite” to it.

Anyhow the recipe asked for a 10inch tube pan, whereas mine is only of 8 inch so the rest went into my mini cake tin which i think is of 8 inch size too. I made the mistake of filling the tube pan to the bring. Check out the overflow.

Anyhows, I light how fluffy the cake is! Nothing like the plastic, bouncy angel cake mishap before. Never replace the cream of tartar. Two cakes to devour!

Ok 1/2 cake for grandpa. =)


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