Maiden attempt at tiramisu. I’ve seen Mel prepared it once and it looks doable so I’ve attempted to make it for a dinner at Karen’s and for Casper’s birthday (one day apart!).

I’ve picked the simplest recipe of them all (if I didn’t remember wrong – result of blogging long after the attempt). I replaced the alcohol with Godiva Mocha Liquer… exquisite! My tiny bottle bought when I was in the States came into good use!


Followed everything except for taking out the cream from the recipe.

So I made a medium sized one for the dinner @ Karen’s. If you notice there are signs of liquid at the base of the cake. Poor dipping technique led to the ladyfingers being too soggy. I blame it on Binnie hehe.

And since it was Agnes’ birthday the day before dinner, I cut some paper and sieved some icing sugar over the template.

Alas, when the cake was served, the words disappeared and had already melt into the cocoa surface! =/ Luckily I took a shot first before I brought it out for dinner. Ha.

And the next attempt for Casper’s.

Lesson learnt from the first – never soak the ladyfingers for more than 3 seconds (for the kind I bought, Cold Storage btw). I did find it a tad dry – too little dip and perhaps the Tiramisu didn’t get to sit long enough. Well, the first Tiramisu for dinner did taste better the next day when all the flavours were all soaked up. But the second Tiramisu did serve as a better cake instead of a mushy version like the first. They are all yummy nonetheless. Just not a 10/10. Or so I think. =))


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