Egg tarts

One of the favourite orders at dimsum sessions. I chanced upon yummy pictures of these while browsing through recipes and decide to take up the challenge! Recipe from with the sugar amount halved. I’ve reduced the portions to 1/4 as 20+ tarts seem to be a little too much.

Haven’t had much practice shaping tarts but I bought new tart pans to hold the egg tarts (the above was made using jelly moulds) so hopefully they will have a nicer shape! The egg custard is nice and texture perfect. It’s not super egg-ish like some shops outside which is to the little sis’ liking. Crust-wise it was not good. It’s edible but not fantastic. I need to make this again – hopefully with a crumblier crust. The challenge – to make the second sister like my tarts. The only egg tart that has passed her mouth test was Hongkong’s (8 days recommendation). Mummy’s tip – white shell eggs were spotted at the restaurant’s kitchen. Change of ingredients? Hmmm..


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