Creme brulee

This was an eventful bake day. I bought a bowl which works as a ramekin from Daiso @ $2 over the weekend and was very keen on putting them into use. Creme brulee was the first that came to my mind. One of my favourite dessert and the most heavenly one experienced @ Zucca Ristorante on Castro Street when I was in the States.

The lack of ingredients once again made me attempted a google search on “substitute heavy cream” and the result was butter + milk. And so I did. I too did not own a torch and websites had recommended using the BBQ function in the oven. Which I too, followed, after refrigerating the creme brulee. So here’s the result.

The surface was grainy because the sugar hasn’t totally melted. Yet I couldn’t risk the browned sugar turning into charcoal. The most unfortunate was went i dug into the creme brulee, a layer of oil floated up. The butter was melted by the heat from oven! Unpleasant is a very mild way of describing the taste. However, the second ramekin that held the creme and not brulee-ed did not have have butter floating up like the first. Nevertheless, the taste was wrong.

Never replace unnecessarily. Point reinforced. And whoever said once bitten twice shy! Well, third time is a “gong cheesepie”. =( I did get a little encouragement from the texture of the creme but that’s about it. I will try again.


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