Green tea Kasutera / Castella cake

Was looking to baking a green tea cheesecake actually but I didn’t have a spring form pan, plus it was too early for Mother’s day cake so I looked around for a green tea recipe to bake. I specially bought green tea (bags) during lunch at Serangoon Gardens then realised most recipe called for matcha powder. Well, I saw some suggestion on processing the green tea leaves in the bag into powder. I opened up 5 bags of Lipton green tea and processed it, only to find that it didn’t really get any finer, if it ever did got finer. I included the whole 5 bags of leaves into Justhungry’s recipe found below.

The recipe was very detailed and gave a lot of tips on making the cake. Me being me, got a little lazy. Did not use the heat to warm the eggs (maybe Singapore is really that hot). And only sieved the flour once (I know I shouldn’t!). Think my laziness got me a less than velvety cake, but I really would like to believe that the less than fine green tea leaves took away the smooth consistency of the cake. I will try it again, without the green tea, just to see for myself if it’s really the cause of it. Nevertheless, it was all yummy!

Anyhows, I took the cake out right of the oven – without cooling it inside the oven. Which resulted in the shrinking of the top. I will probably try cooling it in the oven till is warm before I glaze it and stash it into the fridge to retain the moisture. This is after glazing it with honey on top. I used manuka honey for the cake. Strong and flavorful.

The whole time I was wondering if my cake was brown or green and tempted I was to cut up the cake at midnight (I baked around 5pm) but decided to keep it sealed through the night. All good things must wait.  I had my answer the next day. It was brown =/. But the colour isn’t going to affect the taste because it was great!

The taste was mainly honey and light. There was a hint of green tea when the cake is at room temperature than when I had my first bite right out of the fridge. Fat free. What better way to sell a cake. I had it for tea with a cuppa green tea. Lovelyyy. I think I have a newfound tea time combo – Kasutera and green tea. Cake and coffee had dominated since forever. The new challenger has proven its worth. Many many thumbs up!


I’ve made it two more times – the second time being the lazy version, no heating of bowl in heat. I also tried warming the milk with green tea leaves. I halfed the sugar and the cake was rather too crumbly. No green tea taste after warming the 3 tea bags in the milk too.  BUT it was totally awesome with Mel’s 2008 Moscato from Wolf Blass!

The recent for Teri’s birthday 20 May 2010 – I actually made 1/4 of the recipe portion, sugar @ 2/3 the required amount. The texture was fabulous. The velvety texture. I beat my eggs and sugar in a metal bowl which was sitting in warm water throughout. I also added 2 tea bags of green tea into batter that filled half of my 6.5inch round cake tin and finally – the green tea taste is distinct enough! Mummy said that a birthday cake should be round as the chinese says, yuan yuan man man. So I did not shave off the sides (since I cannot imagine myself cutting a nice circle out of a circle cake, if you know what I mean.

As I write, I crave for green tea kasutera. Oyatsu time but no kasutera! Time to leave this post.


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