Ginger snaps

One of my favourite cookie! I finally got my hands on molasses although I’ve been wanting to make this for ages. I have no idea if it’s sulphured or not since there’s no indication but I used it anyhows.

I was looking around for recipes and this recipe goes way back to 1899, plus it is rated 5 star (everything else never seemed to score full marks)! How could I not try this!

I didn’t manage to shape my dough so they were in lumps like these but they very nicely shaped and flatten themselves at the end!

I followed the recipe timing of 10 mins bake time and it was rather soft to the touch when I poked at it. Thinking it has to be hard inside the oven, I doubled the time till I saw hints of black. Boy was this batch hard. Alright, not rock hard but edible hard. I like my cookies slight soft. Although it’s ginger snap. It’s suppose to snap! O wells, I made the cookies with an array of hardness. So hopefully everyone can get what they want. More molass recipes please!


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