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This is one of binbin’s limited preferences for pastries. The recipe doesn’t make it look difficult, which it isn’t really that hard, but just tedious. I made the choux pastry and chocolate topping using this recipe and the filling – vanilla custard, from the following site

Here’s how the custard looked like.

And the products.

The whole day’s worth of work did not complete in perfection. The chocolate icing recipe asked for powdered sugar but I didn’t have that and went to grind my granulated sugar into powder. Still, it wasn’t fine enough and the sugar didn’t dissolve! Check out the grainy texture of the icing. In the end, I melted some chocolate with butter and dripped them onto the eclairs after scraping away the top of the chocolate icing. Whew. But a lot of chocolate was still wasted preparing the icing. =/ Oh well, we all learn! Yummy nonetheless.


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Such a cute name. I couldn’t resist trying the recipe out just to see how cute / nice tasting this cookie can be (assuming all turns out well).

I thought all went well except perhaps when it comes to the coating of the cinnamon and sugar, mine seemed a little too dense as compared to all the other pictures I saw. Well, the cookie was fine but a little heavy for my taste buds. Lotsa great butter smell in the air and my dad could tell immediately from a whiff.

Next time, when I’m in a mood for cinammon!

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