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Chocolate cup cake

And this came about, because of an egg. It was an unsuccessful attempt at separating the yolk and the white – resulting in me making half a recipe of chocolate cupcake from

Easy and fuss free recipe. Having snowskin durian mooncake in the fridge and a whole freshly baked chiffon cake, chocolate cupcakes would be too much on the table. I split the cupcakes into two boxes for freezing and tasted one that was freshly baked. It was soft, moist and chocolatey.. Addictive! I would have it as breakfast food or a anytime bite.


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Green tea chiffon cake

So my hands and mind were daunted by the task of making more snowskin moon cakes and have decided to take a break from it. Will attempt that tomorrow I guess. Was tempted by the recipe from jaime teo’s blog of Ceylon lychee cake, which then somehow ended as a green tea variation because I realise the x factor of lychee is actually a flavour from the tea bag, which is lacking in my ceylon tea bag.

Verdict: nothing awesome. I think green tea kasutera wins hands down. Maybe I should try it with other variants of tea next time. Some pictures, including the stiff peaks (for anyone who was like me- didn’t know how it looks like), of the baking.

I must add, I made chocolate cupcakes because of one egg that i didn’t manage to separate in the process of baking this! Totally forgot about the frozen tartshells I made before.. Could have cleared the freezer by making egg tarts!

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Snow skin durian moon cake

Mid autumn’s festival is round the corner and I haven’t had enough of mooncakes, particularly snowskin ones. Having a chance to explore phoon huat’s store at aljunied after bringing aunt for cataract surgery, I found a packet of mooncake pre-mix! Was looking for fried glutinous rice flour initially to follow aunty yochana’s recipe but found this treasure in the end. It was the last packet on the shelf.

So I went back and made the durian filling first. 4 boxes of durian and one 500g mix gave me about 20 small mooncakes and 6 big ones. I thought of making many small ones because I like to pop them into my mouth.

It was tedious making them! Now I know why 8 small ones are priced closely to the 4 big ones. The effort takes lotsa more time and effort than the big ones since small ones run a greater risk of having a high skin-to-filling ratio. Tried making thinner ones with muchhhh effort and after some 2 hrs, I stop trying to make them too thin. Lazy! But it takes alot effort to keep it whole and get it nicely moulded with a thin skin while the snowskin is not frozen. >.< Right, not an excuse I know. Will try aunty yochana's snowskin recipe this week. Hopefully easier to handle!

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