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Salmon Hash

Finally something that befit’s the original intention of this blog – cooking! I tried this dish at the Conservation Hut and it has since left me a deep impression. Salmon and hash brown all mixed together. A good savoury dish for a main course.

This is the original dish I’ve tried.

And this is the one I replicated – less the eggs of course.

Here I used potatoes chopped into bits. This is a trial preparatory session for a pot luck at Mel’s house to celebrate Jen’s birthday. Chopping potatoes is a lot of work. Using off the shelves hash browns is so much easier – plus I like the crisp texture better. All is good except that it could be a little less oily since the fish has oils and the hash brown has already been prepared with oil. Will have this again!


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This soy product is the local specialty of Nikko, as recommended by lonely planet, one that I’ve never tried till I was in the country. At its best, it has a soft and light texture, with a fresh soy taste that spells heaven when prepared with a bowl of udon in hot clear soup. Best I’ve tasted was at a Japanese shop with an attached bakery and gift shop, in front of the bus-stop at Shinkyo Bridge (in the direction of Yumoto). One average yuba ramen I’ve tried near the Kegon falls has a strong soy taste with the yuba not having enough curd texture.  I would love to try it again and I wonder if it taste any different when it’s not winter when I constantly crave for a piping hot dish.

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