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Chocolate cup cake

And this came about, because of an egg. It was an unsuccessful attempt at separating the yolk and the white – resulting in me making half a recipe of chocolate cupcake from

Easy and fuss free recipe. Having snowskin durian mooncake in the fridge and a whole freshly baked chiffon cake, chocolate cupcakes would be too much on the table. I split the cupcakes into two boxes for freezing and tasted one that was freshly baked. It was soft, moist and chocolatey.. Addictive! I would have it as breakfast food or a anytime bite.


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Moelleux au Chocolat aka Chocolate lava / molten cake

This is one of my favourite ways to eat the chocolate cake. With a hot oozing chocolate in the centre and a moist, dense cake surrounding it.

I followed the recipe from

and used 100g of big grain sugar reduced to powder with a processor. A tad too sweet for me. Think if my chocolate was bitter enough, it would be perfect. I did use 70% chocolate by the way.

I also substituted the ramekins with my Ikea coffee cup (thank goodness it didn’t crack) and a metal jelly mould I sometimes use for tarts too. The Ikea mug version did give me a softer cake texture that is more moist and dense than the metal jelly mould, which actually works like a cake tin. But both did come out with a good centre. Perhaps its my oven, but after 10mins, the top still weren’t cooked so i baked for about 15mins actually.

With the Ikea mug that is half-filled:

That couldn’t slide out properly…

And the cake from the metal mould:

With it’s oozing lava..

A friend asked me about the chocolate I used and realise it’s important to remember which chocolate does what miracle in baking.  Mine is 70% chocolate from cadbury which isn’t bitter enough for my tastebud when I eat it on it’s own but turned out fine when I made the brownie previously. My friend heard that semi-sweet chocolate from hershey’s is good for baking. I think I haven’t tasted any bars from hersheys that is bitter enough for my tastebud so still unsure about using hershey’s as an ingredient. She’ll be trying the lava cake with it and I’ll see how it turns out! One experiment less hehe.

Anyhows, this one is a little tad sweet. Think the intricate bitter-sweet balance has not been attained. The chocolate is not bitter enough for the sugar used in the recipe (noted that 70% cadbury didn’t taste as bitter as Ghiradelli’s) so I guess if I have to use this bar again because of the convenience of getting it just right below my place, I will use less sugar. 80g perhaps? Thought for food…

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The weather has been ridiculously hot. The idea of a chocolate brownie with ice cream then surfaced. I had some walnuts leftover from before which came into good use. Boy was the texture good. I followed the recipe from

Even till now, the goodness of the brownie still pops up in my mind ever so frequently. I must make this again. SOON.

Aside from the replacing of sugar which led to big grains of sugar at the surface of the brownie (another replacement boo-boo), everything went A-ok. Deliciousssss.

Update: Apr 2010

I love this brownie. This time round, no coarse grain sugar used and everything melted into the brownie. Still, at 120g of sugar, it was not sweet at all, but enough for the brownie to not taste bitter. Love love.

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Chocolate banana cake

Personal favourite chocolate combo of all time.

A less than pretty picture of this chocolate banana cake is the result of me pinching away while baking. Made the bottom layer first and found it too unbanana-ish for my liking, which led to me making a second layer, for a banana filling to go in-between. Turns out the banana taste in the cake was more distinct after chilling. But I like it this way anyhow. Way below Awfully Chocolate’s standards.. but I’ll get there! More fudgy chocolate next time round.

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Chocolate macarons

Macarons are pretty. Chocolates are heavenly. And when their powers combine, they are pretty heavenly.

All good stuff must wait. This good stuff has really tested my patience. I’ve tried about 5 batches per attempt, 2 attempts in total.  First attempt was horrid. Whisking the eye-whites by hand is probably impossible in order to achieve the stiff peaks required (although impossible has always been floating out of my dictionary). My chocolate macarons were so not macaron-looking, although i tried to take comfort in the somewhat feet that appeared.

I bought myself a kitchen aid (not the lovely colourful ones of course.. i wish!). My mummy doesn’t bake so there has always been a lack of this tool. This was after going through many pages on so many things that could possibly go wrong in the making of macarons. But the obvious bug haunting me during the process was the egg whites didn’t seem right (I could have done a little read up on the definition of stiff peaks but I didn’t =P).

And armed with my new Phillips electronic appliance, the following was borned (4th batch).

It had smooth top and feet! I was excited and kept checking on them to see if the top cracked. Like how the second and third batches did (the first was burnt).

A on-the-spot research noted a writer’s emphasis on dry, dry, dry ingredients for macarons and how a humid, rainy day in their temperate climate will affect the outcome. I was then prompted to dry my batter after piping given Singapore’s humidity of over 70% and so I did 40mins for the 4th batch, which resulted in the product above. The 5th batch was dried for a longer period of time, but I placed it in the oven for about 15mins, a few minutes longer than the above. The macarons were more of a big-mac shape for the 5th batch unlike that of a cheeseburger for the 4th but the tops were cracked.

Moisture, they say. David Lebovitz recipe didn’t introduce aged-egg whites but I think I will do that the next time. Together with airing my processed almond meal. I guess nothing is absolute huh.

I’m inspired. Strawberry macarons as valentine’s gifts?

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