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Coffee swiss roll

More packets of Nescafe instant coffee to use up and also with some left over whipping cream.. the coffee swiss roll was born.

Leeched the recipe off an instant coffee website which works just fine.

It was also the first time I used my non-stick parchment paper (reusable) that I bought from England (only to learn from Mel after that they have it in SG too!). O well, I have 3 permanently lined tins now and I’m not complaining! =D Though it took away my swiss roll’s skin. =/

Taste was so so, nothing heavenly. Will make again to finish up the packets of coffee and for my bestest who’s an coffee addict hehe.


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Coffee Angel Food Cake

It’s never a good idea to replace ingredients in the recipe.

Which I did once again. My coffee angel food cake was so not light and airy at all. It was heavy, moist and sticky. I replaced cream of tartar with lemon juice and used coarse grain sugar instead of fine grain sugar. Replaced cake flour with the proportions mentioned on  Sounds like the recipe for a disaster eh? Anyway, after half hour, the top was black and insides weren’t anywhere near closed to being cooked. Anyhow, I shall try it again for the batter with the coffee smell was simply alluring. I just need to get that same fragrance in an edible cake to enjoy it with my afternoon coffee drink. I want!

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