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Ginger snaps

One of my favourite cookie! I finally got my hands on molasses although I’ve been wanting to make this for ages. I have no idea if it’s sulphured or not since there’s no indication but I used it anyhows.

I was looking around for recipes and this recipe goes way back to 1899, plus it is rated 5 star (everything else never seemed to score full marks)! How could I not try this!

I didn’t manage to shape my dough so they were in lumps like these but they very nicely shaped and flatten themselves at the end!

I followed the recipe timing of 10 mins bake time and it was rather soft to the touch when I poked at it. Thinking it has to be hard inside the oven, I doubled the time till I saw hints of black. Boy was this batch hard. Alright, not rock hard but edible hard. I like my cookies slight soft. Although it’s ginger snap. It’s suppose to snap! O wells, I made the cookies with an array of hardness. So hopefully everyone can get what they want. More molass recipes please!


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Valentines’ macarons

My first attempt in making something pink, turned out brown. Used 12 drops of beetroot juice to colour the macarons instead of food colouring – failed.

The colouring test using beetroot juice also failed in the attempt to make pink forgotten cookies (refer to the post before). I guess I will stick to red colouring to make pink macarons.

Update 17 Feb 2010: I’ve made another batch of pink macarons which did stayed pink for the first half of baking before I turned the sheet upside down. By the tenth minute when I took it out of the oven @ 190 Celsius, they were all brown. Some were hollow on the underside. Apparently this is a sign of undercooked macaron while the brown skin was the oven being too hot.

Well, at least they all had a good shape.The beating of egg whites was done at medium speed for a longer time to ensure the stiff peaks wouldn’t collapse too fast. I did find my batter having a good consistency that dries up easily today, very much unlike the watery ones before. I dried the batter longer than recommended, for 30 mins compared to 10 mins said in recipe. They looked real stiff when I sent it into the oven.

So I finally found a recipe

which I managed to get smooth tops n feet for all but hollow bottoms n browner tops. Shall try baking at 170• tomorrow with no turning of the paper. And modify from there. To each her own oven. >.<

Fillings arranged in order of preference: chocolate ganache, strawberry jam, peanut butter

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Forgotten Cookies

Sweet with bitter chocolate and crunchy almonds.. ooomph. I picked the easiest recipe I’ve found, and it really wasn’t hard.

I have to highlight that I did not beat to stiff peaks. It was somewhere between soft and stiff. But the cookie did hold its shape through the night. Also, I attempted to colour my food with Beetroot juice. I probably added more than 12 drops and no, there is no change in shade. My current batch of forgotten cookies in the oven now turned pick with 2 drops of red colouring. So much for trying to minimize processed stuff in my food.

Only bit that could have helped was recommending a smaller cookie to be prepared. My cookies were more than 3 cm in diameter and the bottom didn’t dry out. A second preheating of the oven and popping the cookies back in helped to develop their base. A few of the tops cracked a little but that was no biggie. It wasn’t brown like what I saw from the recipe but still crispy. Am trying another batch of forgotten cookies, in pink, and smaller size. Hope this one turns out perfect. I’ll know at 12 midnight. Range time.

Update on pink cookies: Added two drops of red coloring for a pink tone. The base still did not dry up.  Another wave of heat in the oven once again.

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Almond cookie

Chinese new year is round the corner and I’ve decided to try making some cookies. Almond is my favourite! Recipe is from with the modifications made as shared by Jacq (guest to the website) on February 07, 2007 at 06:54 AM. I used all butter as what Michael did. The cookie was really fragrant and crumbly.The recipe was easy to follow too.

Mini dough balls inflated and the last picture shows the average size of my cookies (to gauge relative to the whole almond). The recipe actually yielded 70+ cookies for me. O’well, I’m not complaining!

Update Feb 11 2010:

So I tried making another round of cookies, only this time, i used almond flour and not ground it myself. Also, I creamed my butter using Kitchenaid instead of doing it by hand, which means a softer smoother cream. The end result was not as crumbly, I think due to the almond flour. There were fewer cookies yielded, probably a mix of the better creamed butter and also the replacement of grounded almond with almond flour. It’s nice nonetheless, but you can’t get enough of the best.

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Chocolate macarons

Macarons are pretty. Chocolates are heavenly. And when their powers combine, they are pretty heavenly.

All good stuff must wait. This good stuff has really tested my patience. I’ve tried about 5 batches per attempt, 2 attempts in total.  First attempt was horrid. Whisking the eye-whites by hand is probably impossible in order to achieve the stiff peaks required (although impossible has always been floating out of my dictionary). My chocolate macarons were so not macaron-looking, although i tried to take comfort in the somewhat feet that appeared.

I bought myself a kitchen aid (not the lovely colourful ones of course.. i wish!). My mummy doesn’t bake so there has always been a lack of this tool. This was after going through many pages on so many things that could possibly go wrong in the making of macarons. But the obvious bug haunting me during the process was the egg whites didn’t seem right (I could have done a little read up on the definition of stiff peaks but I didn’t =P).

And armed with my new Phillips electronic appliance, the following was borned (4th batch).

It had smooth top and feet! I was excited and kept checking on them to see if the top cracked. Like how the second and third batches did (the first was burnt).

A on-the-spot research noted a writer’s emphasis on dry, dry, dry ingredients for macarons and how a humid, rainy day in their temperate climate will affect the outcome. I was then prompted to dry my batter after piping given Singapore’s humidity of over 70% and so I did 40mins for the 4th batch, which resulted in the product above. The 5th batch was dried for a longer period of time, but I placed it in the oven for about 15mins, a few minutes longer than the above. The macarons were more of a big-mac shape for the 5th batch unlike that of a cheeseburger for the 4th but the tops were cracked.

Moisture, they say. David Lebovitz recipe didn’t introduce aged-egg whites but I think I will do that the next time. Together with airing my processed almond meal. I guess nothing is absolute huh.

I’m inspired. Strawberry macarons as valentine’s gifts?

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